February 1, 1999


Jill Heinerth assists John Zumrick on his first dive on the dual MK5 rebreather [photo ©1999 William C. Stone].

Work continues on the scooter motor parts. We're still waiting on parts to arrive. The tentative prediction is that the last of the scooter motor parts should arrive tomorrow, Tuesday (as will the shells for the dual MK5 backpacks), finally assembly will be finished so that on Wednesday, the scooters will be tested for hours in the spring pool basin. The first big mission is scheduled for Thursday if all goes well along the way.

Meanwhile, divers Richie Hudson and Glenn Daugaard are continuing to set radio beacons in Sally Ward.

Humor Picture of the Day: Yep, it's another birthday! Tom turned... oh, well, nevermind. One thing we discovered, was that the blue icing made people's lips turn funny colors. In the above photo, completely unretouched, Noel's mouth has a distinct blue tinge [photo ©1999 Barbara Anne am Ende].

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