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Past Expeditions

The following present brief summaries of official USDCT-sponsored expeditions since 1980. In each case the expedition name, departure date, field duration, destination, personnel, objectives, and key findings are presented along with a short list of the most salient publications resulting from those expeditions. For further information on any of these projects directly.

2023 Sistema Cheve Expedition
2022 Sistema Cheve Expedition
2021 Sistema Cheve Expedition
2019 Sistema Cheve Expedition
2018 Sistema Cheve Expedition
2018 Huautla PESH
2018 Peña Colorada
2017 Sistema Cheve Expedition
2013 J2 Expedition
2010 J2 Expedition
2009 J2 Expedition
1998 Wakulla 2 Expedition
1994 San Agustín Expedition
1987 Wakulla Springs Expedition
1984 Peña Colorada Expedition
1981 Agua de Cerro Expedition
1980 Río Iglesia Expedition

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